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[video] Cole’s ‘Best Birthday Ever’ @ Covello Day Club

Bartender!.. Poolside furniture!.. Lasers!.. Backyard bottle service!? The Covello Day Club opened its doors yet again, this time for Cole’s birthday last weekend.. here’s a glimpse at the day’s festivities:      

‘Through The Eyes Of Faith’ Scores 2012 SOCAN Foundation Award

I’m happy to announce that my musical score for ‘Through The Eyes Of Faith’ just placed second in this year’s 2012 SOCAN Foundation Awards For Young Audio-Visual Composers in the category of Best Original Score: Non-Fiction. Thank you to Cole Walliser for putting together such a moving film and allowing me the opportunity to create its soundtrack.. [...]

[video] Gametime – The Boombox Saints

‘Gametime” is the latest song and visual from the Jordans-obsessed trio, The Boombox Saints.. video directed by Simon Shanke, track produced by ME. Download the ‘Gametime’ MP3 here. ‘every fourth quarter, i like to mike jordan em..’    

[video] Kale-Stars – A Night Out (In Vegas)

Last month, the Kale-Stars returned to Vegas for the weekend.. here’s what happened.. (special guest appearances by Stephanie and Nicole)      

[video] Kale-Stars – ‘Mercy’ LIVE at Apple Store in Vegas

Here’s another video from the Kale-Stars; an impromptu performance of Kanye’s ‘Mercy’ LIVE at the Apple Store in Vegas.        

Hardly Home But Always Reppin

Check out Quincy’s music video below for his debut single ‘Stay Awhile‘.. directed by the WeHomie Derek Pike. It features cameos from a few Canadians, including the Biebs and a couple of other Canucks..        

[video] Through The Eyes Of Faith – Steelo Vazquez Documentary

A few months ago, Cole shot & directed a short film documenting the injury and rehabilitation of his close friend and renowned dancer, Steelo Vazquez. He asked me to compose music for the film, and I was more than happy and honored to do so. You can watch the film below.. and also make sure [...]

[video] Happy Easter (from the Kale-Stars)!

Yep we had to do it again.. This time starring Lisa, Ashlee, Claude, and directed by Derek Pike ( look for this on his director’s reel. )        

[video] Happy Valentine’s Week!

Yeah sure Valentine’s Day was a couple days ago… but me and Cole needed a little extra time to unleash the greatest gift of love one could ever receive. So here it is.. a special gift from the Kale Stars.. enjoy!..          

[video] The Break Up Song – Boombox Saints

More visuals from The Boombox Saints!.. ‘The Break Up Song’ is produced by Jeff Spec, and the video (like the previous three) was directed by Mike Roc-reeguez. Oh and it was released yesterday.. that’s right.. a ‘break up’ song on Valentine’s Day.. who does that??.. only sick & twisted mf’ers. Haha Check it out:   [...]