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DJ Hunt & Emmalyn Win 1st Place On

WOW. AMAZING. HUGE thank you to everyone who voted and got mine and Emmalyn’s cover video of “Look At Me Now” to FIRST PLACE in this month’s contest on And over 27 million views?… holy moly.  

[video] Make Me Wanna Drink – Anami Vice

Watch the brand new music video for Anami Vice‘s latest single ‘Make Me Wanna Drink’ produced by me and Kevvy Thanks for the #FOMO guys! ‘Make Me Wanna Drink’ now available on iTunes  

Emmalyn & DJ Hunt on

Shoutout to Complex for featuring mine and Emmalyn‘s cover of ‘Thinkin Bout You’ in their 15 Great Song Covers Found on YouTube From the article: Emmalyn’s beautiful rendition of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” is great for all of the right reasons. From belting out the chorus lines to absolutely nailing Frank’s parts during the [...]

[video] Vacation – GRL

Remember those cover videos by me and Emmalyn Estrada? Well they got seen by some pretty important people and she started working with some of my idols.. Today, you can finally hear G.R.L. and their debut single ‘Vacation’ produced by the gods themselves, Dr Luke & Max Martin. Congrats Emm!! I still can’t believe it. Update: Here’s [...]

[video] ‘Love Is Classic’ Reebok Classics Promo

A rooftop jam session for Reebok Classics directed by JD McElroy and featuring me, Jenilee Reyes, Ashlee Nino and Mike Song.    

[video] Labour Day Pool Party @ Covello Day Club

It only took six months, but the video is finally here of our most recent extravaganza at the Covello Day Club. Party of the year, without a doubt. But seriously, how in the world are we going to top it this summer?…    

[video] For The Moment – Boombox Saints

Check out the Boombox Saints’ brand new music video for their title track ‘For The Moment’ produced by me! Download the album at    

[video] Jenilee & Friends, Sept 25 recap

Shoutout to Johnny Monopoly for creating this recap video of our Sept 25 edition of Jenilee & Friends! Jenilee & Friends is the last Tuesday of every month at The Writers Room in Hollywood.. next show is Tuesday October 30th. See you there!

[video] She Looks Like – Boombox Saints

New music video by Boombox Saints for the track ‘She Looks Like’ produced by me MP3 download here

[video] Out On The Town – Emmalyn & DJ Hunt

A new cover video from Emmalyn & myself. Some background: Emm often comes to me with songs that she wants to cover, and most of the time they’re songs that are performed by female R&B artists. I know that she listens to a lot of music in genres other than R&B, so I suggested that [...]