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Boombox Saints’ March Madness: New EP, Music Video, Interview, Events

March has just started and it’s already looking like a month of madness for the homies THE BOOMBOX SAINTS Lots of news to fill you in on.. 1) ‘She Got’ Music Video Premiere on AUX.TV The music video for ‘She Got’, their debut single that I produced for them just recently premiered on AUX.TV. Watch [...]

Crimes & Treasons: Guest Mix

Shouts out to DJ Brendan Butter & DJ Relly Rels for having me on Crimes & Treasons Radio last week. If you missed the broadcast on CITR 101.9 FM, you can download the show here. Also featuring sets by Relly Rels & JulesAndreBrown. My set list below.. (I think I filled their CANCON quota for [...]

‘Runaway’ / Kat Glavas on Virgin Radio

i’m very excited to announce that an artist i’ve been working with for the past year and a half, Kat Glavas, has just been selected as Virgin Radio’s ‘Best Of BC’ featured artist!.. tune into Virgin 95.3FM all week long to hear her debut single ‘Runaway’ that i produced and co-wrote with her! please SHOW [...]