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‘She Got’ & ‘Favorite Girl’ on MuchVibe/MuchMusic

2 music videos for songs produced by DJ HUNT in rotation on MuchVibe/MuchMusic The music video for ‘She Got’ by The Boombox Saints is currently playing on MuchVibe/MuchMusic. And just today, I received word that the video for ‘Favorite Girl’, the debut single that I produced for Young Sleezy, will also be added to rotation [...]

Boombox Saints’ March Madness: New EP, Music Video, Interview, Events

March has just started and it’s already looking like a month of madness for the homies THE BOOMBOX SAINTS Lots of news to fill you in on.. 1) ‘She Got’ Music Video Premiere on AUX.TV The music video for ‘She Got’, their debut single that I produced for them just recently premiered on AUX.TV. Watch [...]

Boombox Saints on

Big up to the homies Boombox Saints currently featured on! Check the link here and get ready for The Boombox EP to be released November 9th