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My Favorite Thing To Listen To

‘What music do you listen to?’ I get asked this question all the time. And it stumps me every time. Because the truth is, outside of deejaying or producing, I don’t really listen to music as much as you might expect. Unless it’s a newly released album that I’m playing into the ground non-stop, the [...]

Why Are You Still Trying To Sell Your Music?

If you are trying to make money selling recordings, or producing them you are selling into a market that is auguring into the earth. – David Kusek Recorded sales over time since 1999 (source: Future of Music) Searching for Salvation – David Kusek David Kusek’s article clearly re-inforces my thoughts on the future of the [...]

But Enough About Me..

2 posts in and I’m already deferring traffic.. I’m sure I’ll be linking regularly to posts on the following blogs, so why not just start off by listing some of my favorite feeds that I subscribe to in Google Reader: The Lefsetz Letter Bob Lefsetz provides great analysis on the everything that’s wrong with the [...]