[video] Out On The Town – Emmalyn & DJ Hunt

October 10, 2012

A new cover video from Emmalyn & myself.

Some background:
Emm often comes to me with songs that she wants to cover, and most of the time they’re songs that are performed by female R&B artists. I know that she listens to a lot of music in genres other than R&B, so I suggested that she cover a song in one of those other genres in order to put her own spin on it and really make it her own. She mentioned how she’s a big fan of the band Fun, and suggested a few different songs by them. After hearing them I chose this one, ‘Out On The Town’ which is actually a bonus track included on their album ‘Some Nights’

I really enjoy the melodies and lyrical content in here, and I think we were able to stay true to the song while putting a new twist on it that differentiates it from the original.

You can download an MP3 of Emmalyn’s cover of ‘Out On The Town’ here: http://official.fm/tracks/at1P


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