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One Year Ago Today

i think it’s inevitable. one day i gotta make the move to LA…. @colione — Hunter Pearson (@hunterpearson) February 21, 2011   366 days ago, I had zero intention or desire to live anywhere outside of my only home of 27 years: Vancouver, BC. The following day, February 21st, 2011, my mind inexplicably started nudging [...]

[video] Happy Valentine’s Week!

Yeah sure Valentine’s Day was a couple days ago… but me and Cole needed a little extra time to unleash the greatest gift of love one could ever receive. So here it is.. a special gift from the Kale Stars.. enjoy!..          

[video] The Break Up Song – Boombox Saints

More visuals from The Boombox Saints!.. ‘The Break Up Song’ is produced by Jeff Spec, and the video (like the previous three) was directed by Mike Roc-reeguez. Oh and it was released yesterday.. that’s right.. a ‘break up’ song on Valentine’s Day.. who does that??.. only sick & twisted mf’ers. Haha Check it out:   [...]

Hi Vancouver, I Miss You.