More Projects I Worked On While In LA

August 18, 2011

Finally, I’m able to share with you some more projects from my LA trip this past April..

1) ‘I Want You In Love’ – Ocean Grove

Cole Walliser directed this music video for Ocean Grove, so I tagged along, partly helping out and partly hanging out. We had a lot of fun during the two days of shooting, at the beach, on the streets, at the bar, at the studio.. And if you look closely (very closely) you can catch the brief cameo of the back of my head.

Shoutout to Greg, John, Jack & Ryan.. and Joe Jonas bumpin that Aston Martin Music

2) ‘Do Whatcha Gotta Do’ – Saveria

Again thanks to Cole, I recalled my video editing chops and ended up editing this music video for teen pop star, Saveria. For the Family Channel. Fun fun fun.

3) Oh yeah and this one…

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