City Of Angels, City Of Dreams

April 26, 2011

On one ordinary day this past February, while I was casually perusing the interwebs, I stumbled upon a video that for whatever reason triggered a feeling inside me:

“I need to move to LA”

The idea was definitely not brand new; I’d commonly have people suggest it to me, I know many who have made the move, and I’d always assumed I might visit the city at some point, sometime down the road. But it was my stubbornness and my comfort that would keep me based in the city in which I had already worked so hard to build a foundation for my career. I love the city of Vancouver for so many reasons other than it being my birthplace and my home. I never wanted to have to migrate to achieve my goals; I wanted to achieve them in my own city.

But for some reason, on that particular day, at that particular moment, I had a change of heart.
(If you’re a regular viewer of Oprah, then you might say it was my “A-ha” moment. But of course I wouldn’t know that reference because why would I be watching Oprah??.. anyways, moving on…)

All of a sudden I started feeling that reaching that next level of success that I’m after, in my industry, is next to impossible in the city of Vancouver, for reasons which are both hard to pinpoint and completely obvious.

However, I was still not 100% certain; after all my last (and only) visit to LA was close to 10 years ago.

And so a visit to Los Angeles was in order..

Some of my friends in Vancouver had coincidentally already been planning a getaway to LA, so I decided it would be an appropriate time to visit the city. And what started out as simply tagging along with them for a few days, soon turned into a planned visit of two weeks..  and after extension upon extension, ultimately ended as a trip lasting a total of 27 days! And it wasn’t until the tail end that I realized it had been my longest time away from Vancouver since.. well.. ever.

As soon as I landed at LAX, I was overcome with a sense of belonging, and as I made my way up the 405 for the very first time, everything about the city felt natural. Mind you, coming from Canada, it’s not difficult for 33-degree weather to feel quite welcoming… (that’s 91 degrees Fahrenheit for the Yankees)

Within the first few days, I was already convinced that LA was where I wanted and needed to be; it immediately felt like my new home.

This was in no small part due to the fact that I was posted up in the pad of Vancouver native and super-director Cole Walliser. We’ve known each other since elementary school, and in subsequent years we deejayed together and collaborated on several film projects. Since his own move to LA five years ago, Cole’s directing career has flourished and he’s already collected an impressive portfolio of high-profile projects, including videos for top musical acts including Pink, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus among others. You can check out his latest director’s reel at – his new website that I’m actually in the process of building myself.

Through Cole, I already found myself participating in some amazing projects during my stay, which will definitely be posted to this blog as soon as they’re completed. He also introduced me to his circle of friends: an amazing group of kind, talented, humble, hard-working, fun, and hilarious individuals who just happen to be the world’s most respected in their respective fields of expertise.

Which brings me to the shout-outs…

A HUGE SHOUT-OUT and THANK YOU to all my new friends.. as well as prior friends with whom I reconnected.. and everyone else I met that contributed to an incredible month!

Jenny, Rick, Lisa, Terence, Shonnie, JD, TK, Jules, Irena, Teresa, Allison, Ocean Grove (John, Greg, Jack, Ryan), Sam, Nick, Joe, House Of Blues Encino, AshleeJoanna, Chrystal, Wes, Duece, Lucas, Charlie, Armando, Shorty, Lindsey, Kevin, Maryss, Kurtz, Lorelen, Jane, Tiffany, Jiing, Azalea, Trish, Mike, Emina, Lex, Justine, Nashlyn, Joshua, Shaun, Aimee, everyone else at The Movement Lifestyle, the ‘Strictly Sexual’ cast & crew (Joel, Roland, Doug, Alex, Martin, Natasha, Herman, Alek, Paul, Jesse, Mora, Kerry, Elvina, Johann, Kristen, Jimmy)

And last but certainly not least… Cole, I simply can’t thank you enough for your relentless hospitality. I am forever grateful for the opportunities you have presented, the doors you have already opened up for me, and I am looking forward to further advancing our careers as neighbours once again, this time on the other side of the border. I am hyped to soon be gettin’ paper, seeing beautiful people everywhere, singing songs for women, being true winners, and definitely not being NO PUNK B*TCH!

LA, thank you for the awesome times; we had FUN.. but I look forward to coming back and gettin to WORK! — which thankfully in my case, is usually still pretty FUN  :)

In the meantime, I have some igloos and dogsleds to attend to here in Canada..


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    Char Says:


    I one hundred percent support this decision. What’s amazing is that you’ve been able to go and test out the waters and have your eyes opened up to what’s possible for you. Vacation is a vacation, but when you take this leap, no matter how hard it gets, stick with it because if you know what you’re focused on, what you’re seeking, the Universe has it’s way with drawing it towards you. I’m a firm believer in this. Vancouver, you can never give that city up as the city that raised you. There is a huge support circle there and will always be there for you. Life’s too short to live it comfortably. Be daring. Do it cause it kinda scares you. Do it cause it’s exhilarating. Do it JUST CAUSE.

    I’m very excited for you and to see what will come. I promise you, it WILL be very challenging… but so worth it. SO worth it!!!!!

    Great, now I have someone to visit=)

    Love and love.
    - Char in TO

    hunt Says:

    thanks Char!.. i appreciate this, and i agree with everything you said. when i move you’ll definitely have to come visit! :)

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