‘She Got’ & ‘Favorite Girl’ on MuchVibe/MuchMusic

March 16, 2011

2 music videos for songs produced by DJ HUNT in rotation on MuchVibe/MuchMusic

The music video for ‘She Got’ by The Boombox Saints is currently playing on MuchVibe/MuchMusic. And just today, I received word that the video for ‘Favorite Girl’, the debut single that I produced for Young Sleezy, will also be added to rotation starting this Friday!

This is the first time my work is airing on national music television, and it’s truly amazing that it’s happening for TWO songs!.. It’s like having twins!.. Kind of?.. Not really?.. Ok.

As much as I would love to hog all the credit, this accomplishment is without a doubt due to the talent of the artists with whom I collaborated and the hard work of their respective teams. Big shoutout to The Boombox Saints / Classics Agency, and Young Sleezy / YungNRich. Let’s keep it going!

‘She Got’ – The Boombox Saints
( watch on YouTube )

‘Favorite Girl’ – Young Sleezy
( watch on YouTube )

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