Today I Visited The Mothership.. Oh, And I Saw Steve Too

June 22, 2010

So I’m in San Francisco with my mother & sister for a few days, visiting my other sister and newborn nephew. Today, they decide to join me on a geek excursion to 1 Infinite Loop (aka. Apple headquarters.)

After a 45-minute drive to Cupertino, we arrive at the campus then proceed to spend quite a bit of time (and money) in The Company Store – it’s like an Apple Store but with exclusive clothing and merchandise with Apple logos plastered all over them.

I take some pics outside and we’re just about to leave, but I decide that I may as well see how far I can walk into the campus building before being confronted by security. So I walk up to the front entrance, open the door, take a step inside, and unsurprisingly there’s a security desk just steps away. Without walking further, I stand and look up at the architecture of the building. As my head makes its way back down, something else appears right in front of me…

It’s Steve Jobs.

You know how people do a double-take? I probably do a hundred-take, staring at him, gradually realizing that Steve was actually standing five feet in front of me. His demeanor and appearance was surprising in that it was exactly as you would expect.. Almost ‘cliche’.. Flashing his charismatic smile while decked out in his trademark black turtleneck, jeans and white sneakers.. as if he had just walked off the stage of his latest keynote presentation.

Steve was chatting with what appeared to be an Apple employee and they both passed me then exited the same door I entered through. Of course I followed, and as soon as I got outside, I pulled out my Flip cam and shot this video:

In this short clip, you can see my mother and sister in the background waiting for me on the sidewalk. What you can’t see is me behind the camera, desperately trying to grab their attention to let them know that the CEO of Apple is walking right towards them.

Once Steve and the employee reach the sidewalk, I put away my camera. He finishes up his conversation then starts crossing the street by himself. I’m just about to yell out and ask for a picture but he pulls out his iPhone and gets on a call. I’m already hesitant to stop him for a photo, there’s no way I’m going to interrupt him on a phone call to do it. So my courtesy allows him to turn around and pass right by me again, then walk away continuing up the campus sidewalk.

Anyone who knows me is all too familiar with my appreciation — okay, adoration.. okay, borderline obsession — for Apple’s products, the company, and its head honcho. I was already stoked to be visiting the Apple campus, and needless to say, seeing Steve was icing on the cake; in fact as my brother-in-law extended the metaphor, the icing was in a big dump truck that swallowed the cake whole.

You can’t ask for much more from a visit to the Mothership.

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    Char L Says:

    baaaahhahaha i love this, hunty! great story… Steve Jobs… holy! HERO!!

    Char L Says:

    also, can you blog more awesome stories please?

    Per Says:

    As someone who shares your *ahem* interest in all things Apple, I’d like to say congratulations.

    Arno Says:

    That’s so awesome! Congrats!

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    Matt Sepeta Says:

    Wow that’s pretty awesome man!!!

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    kibo Says:

    Great story!!!!

    Steve T. Says:

    Should have meet him, now that he’s gone, thing aren’t the same on Earth. :(

    Tim Cook Says:

    Congrats! Stop by there again and maybe you’ll see me!

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