Why Are You Still Trying To Sell Your Music?

March 7, 2010

If you are trying to make money selling recordings, or producing them you are selling into a market that is auguring into the earth. – David Kusek

Recorded music sales over time since 1999
Recorded sales over time since 1999 (source: Future of Music)

Searching for Salvation – David Kusek

David Kusek’s article clearly re-inforces my thoughts on the future of the recording industry. The money is NOT in the ‘sales’ of recordings anymore; the bulk of the revenue has to come from other places. I don’t know the magic answer.. and there probably won’t be just one answer. It will be multiple streams adding up to an artist’s overall income.

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    Alan Ng Says:

    I recently wrote an essay about the recording industry. I think sales will be generated from the branded forms of commodities that artists sell. External factors such as concert tickets, fan merchandise, and so on. I’ll try to get it published online to further share my insights.

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