Promote To Strangers, Sell To Fans

March 7, 2010

If you’re a new artist, do not waste your time and energy convincing strangers to purchase your music, whether it’s a CD album or a digital single on iTunes. Your first goal should NOT be money, it should be gathering an audience.

Let your music distribute freely. With the amount of music saturating the market, it’s hard enough to gain attention and have someone care about your music enough to listen to it much less pay for it. You need fans first. And then when you have a product or service of exceptional value, you can ask your fans (very politely) to invest their hard-earned cash.

Who’s more likely to spend money on you: someone who’s never heard of you, or someone who knows all the words to your song?

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    Anna Says:

    Well said my friend.

    d Says:

    Je suis d’accord!

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