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‘Over’ (DJ Hunt Remix) – Drake

A couple weeks ago, Drake released his *debut* single ‘Over’ produced by longtime collaborator Boi-1da. The track’s fire.. but the very first time I played it out I quickly realized that within a club setting, it leaves much to be desired. The slow, spastic marching rhythm coupled with the unfamiliarity of the still-new track seemed [...]

[video] This Too Shall Pass

Hey look! Music videos can still be interesting.. Who knew The video was shot by a single Steadicam, but it took more than 60 takes, over the course of two days, to get it right. Read Wired’s article on the making of the video here

Promote To Strangers, Sell To Fans

If you’re a new artist, do not waste your time and energy convincing strangers to purchase your music, whether it’s a CD album or a digital single on iTunes. Your first goal should NOT be money, it should be gathering an audience. Let your music distribute freely. With the amount of music saturating the market, [...]

Why Are You Still Trying To Sell Your Music?

If you are trying to make money selling recordings, or producing them you are selling into a market that is auguring into the earth. – David Kusek Recorded sales over time since 1999 (source: Future of Music) Searching for Salvation – David Kusek David Kusek’s article clearly re-inforces my thoughts on the future of the [...]