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January 18, 2010

2 posts in and I’m already deferring traffic..

I’m sure I’ll be linking regularly to posts on the following blogs, so why not just start off by listing some of my favorite feeds that I subscribe to in Google Reader:

  • The Lefsetz Letter
    Bob Lefsetz provides great analysis on the everything that’s wrong with the music industry today
  • Mac Rumors
    a reliable source for Mac-related news and the forums are a great resource for troubleshooting, buying-advice, tips, etc.
  • Lifehacker
    articles on Lifehacker are from the mindset of a geek, but cover a variety of topics besides technology; sometimes if I’m looking for something in particular (eg. best web app for _____ ), I’ll search on here even before searching on Google
  • RapRadar
    it almost feels like the TMZ for hiphop
  • Seth’s Blog
    anyone who is in the business of capturing eyeballs needs to read Seth Godin’s tips on marketing, promotion, and doing good business in general

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